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Extract summary features

This example shows how to extract summary features from the tissue image.

Summary features give a good overview over the intensity of each image channels at the location of the Visium spots. They are calculated by using features = 'summary', which calls

In addition to feature_name and channels we can specify the following features_kwargs:

  • quantiles - quantiles that are computed. By default, the 0.9th, 0.5th, and 0.1th quantiles are calculated.

import squidpy as sq

First, let’s load the fluorescence Visium dataset.

# get spatial dataset including hires tissue image
img = sq.datasets.visium_fluo_image_crop()
adata = sq.datasets.visium_fluo_adata_crop()

Then, we calculate the 0.1th quantile, mean and standard deviation for the Visium spots of the fluorescence channels 0 (DAPI) and 1 (GFAP). In order to get statistics of only the tissue underneath the spots, we use the argument mask_circle = True. When not setting this flag, statistics are calculated using a square crop centered on the spot.

# calculate summary features and save in key "summary_features"
        "summary": {
            "quantiles": [0.1],
            "channels": [0, 1],

The result is stored in adata.obsm['summary_features'].

summary_ch-0_quantile-0.1 summary_ch-0_mean summary_ch-0_std summary_ch-1_quantile-0.1 summary_ch-1_mean summary_ch-1_std
AAACGAGACGGTTGAT-1 0.0 6849.760120 14383.136990 0.0 3762.582691 2462.922155
AAAGGGATGTAGCAAG-1 0.0 4469.448519 11304.932832 0.0 3824.862145 2153.804234
AAATGGCATGTCTTGT-1 0.0 5944.567897 9808.327041 0.0 5481.824787 6747.728831
AAATGGTCAATGTGCC-1 0.0 5259.799257 9115.113451 0.0 2628.194501 1418.504292
AAATTAACGGGTAGCT-1 0.0 4468.428701 10285.605481 0.0 4036.154302 4447.304626

Use to plot the summary features on the tissue image or have a look at our interactive visualization tutorial to learn how to use our interactive napari plugin. Note how the spatial distribution of channel means is different for fluorescence channels 0 (DAPI stain) and 1 (GFAP stain)., "summary_features"), color=[None, "summary_ch-0_mean", "summary_ch-1_mean"], img_cmap="gray"
summary_ch-0_mean, summary_ch-1_mean

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